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Employers are seeking well-rounded individuals who think independently and solve problems, especially in management and top-level positions. At Marietta, we seek to provide both.

With more than 45 undergraduate majors, including some of our renowned programs in Petroleum Engineering, Leadership, Education, Land & Energy Management and Sports Medicine, Marietta’s approach to the liberal arts equips students with the tools they need to turn their passions into careers.

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Distinctive Academic Programs | $15 Million Goal
Progress $12.46 M as of July 1, 2023
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Your Impact

Through this initiative, we will be able to expand our existing programs and focus on new curriculum development. By creating an endowed fund, you are committing to the College’s mission and can invest in both your own interests as well as College priorities in perpetuity.

New Badges and Certificates

Serving All Pioneers

Strategic growth at Marietta College in this age of higher education requires the development of options beyond traditional residential undergraduate degrees. The College must act with speed and precision to add new offerings that provide multiple entry points for prospective students.

One way to achieve this strategic priority is through launching new online programs (including badges and certificates) that could generate thousands of new participants on an annual basis at the end of the third year. This new offering would complement and support our existing undergraduate and graduate degrees. An investment in our faculty to develop the content and offer the programs in the first two years will generate opportunities for long-term flexible growth for years to come.

Our first badge, Mental Health Fitness, launched in June 2022 was developed in partnership with a Marietta College alumnus from the Class of 1989 who has extensive expertise in the field. We project that more than 500 recipients will earn this badge in the coming academic year.

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Maximizing The Reach of the Bernard P. McDonough Center for Leadership and Business

The Bernard P. McDonough Center for Leadership and Business is a well-known and highly acclaimed program at Marietta College. It is important to provide leadership education across every major and program and by incorporating the Department of Business & Economics with the successful McDonough Center we can increase the number of leaders that graduate from the College.

An investment from alumni and friends of the College will provide the funding needed to grow and develop the Entrepreneurship program and offer more opportunities to engage students in leadership endeavors. A fund to support the combined programs has the potential to grow the curriculum and increase the enrollment of entrepreneurial students after we make an investment in the facility and other resources like funding for internships, visiting scholars, new business programs, and professional and faculty development. Funding will help:

  • Develop an ethics program to prepare students for the world of work and their careers
  • Grow the Entrepreneurship program and create a business incubator
  • Recruit more students by offering more opportunities for business and non-profit engagement

Online Learning

Online Masters in Sustainability Leadership

A partnership between The McDonough Center for Leadership & Business and Petroleum Engineering

Sustainability Leadership is an interdisciplinary field that combines environmental science, energy systems, leadership, and business to address the needs of the “triple bottom line” of PEOPLE, PLANET, and PROFIT.  The program, staffed by highly qualified professional in the field, is built with labor market, job openings, and skills that employers desire in mind, including data analysis and decision making, environmental science, systems thinking, and sustainability.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Apply systems thinking to the connections between people, organizations, and the natural world within the context of sustainability leadership.
  • Articulate a working knowledge of the scientific method and its application to environmental problem-solving.
  • Analyze causes and develop potential solutions to environmental challenges.
  • Communicate environmental topics clearly, effectively, and with fidelity to the underlying science.
  • Design an intervention or create a case study that showcases their knowledge of the causes, effects, and potential solutions to a specific challenge of environmental sustainability in an organization.

The faculty at Marietta College are devoted to ensuring students reach their full potential. At a larger university, I would have quietly slipped through the cracks, but my mentors in the Psychology Department had the confidence in me that I was lacking.

- Allison Yurasek ’07, MAP’08

The Center for Health Care and Caring Fields

By creating a Center focused on health care and caring fields, we will improve areas of the College that enjoy considerable strength – Physician Assistant Studies, Psychology and Sports Medicine – and evaluate growing markets to result in new programs in Health Care Management, Health Care Communication and Music Therapy. Growing the graduate programs in the Physician Assistant Studies Program, Psychology and adding a Master’s Program in Athletic Training will require additional lab facilities and equipment to attract talented students who are ready and willing to serve the needs of the region and the world.

As a higher education institution, we have an obligation to add value to our community by educating young professionals and creating a connection between our students and the public that positively impacts our society.

The Center will also support:

  • Opportunities for interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate research
  • A cadaver laboratory to be used by Physicians Assistant Studies, Athletic Training and Pre-Med students
  • An Endowed Center Director position will oversee community outreach programming, institutional partnerships, training opportunities, health care fairs and a professional speaker series

Marietta College Physician Assistant professor demonstrates a diagnostic tool

Center for Earth, Energy and Environment (CEEE)

A Transformational Opportunity

Since the mid-1940s, Marietta College remains a leader in the field of Petroleum Engineering. At the heart of the Marcellus and Utica Shale and the Ohio River Watershed that extends from New York to Illinois and Tennessee, Marietta College is uniquely situated to offer students an offers an educational experience unlike any other. As the needs of our students, our region, our nation, and our shared future change, Marietta College can continue to be a leader in energy solutions for the next century.

New labs in materials, gas processing, soils/hydro, alternative energy, water/air quality, and energy system will pair with new academic programs in Materials Flow, Midstream Engineering, Energy Policy, Energy Finance, Sustainability Leadership (masters), Water Reservoir Management (masters), and more.

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The next generation that will go forth from Marietta

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