This is the time to transform the student life experience by strengthening academic support in all areas and investing in the success of our student-athletes. Through this campaign, we will enhance and expand facilities across the Marietta College campus where our students work hard and play hard every day.

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Student Engagement | $3 Million Goal
Progress $11.66 M as of July 1, 2023
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A renovation and expansion of the student Academic Resource Center will provide more space for tutoring, academic support, success skills programming and a new study commons. Your gift will enhance the student-athlete and Pioneer fan experience through upgrades to the Don and Sue Schaly Field at Pioneer Park, the softball field, practice fields, the DBRC indoor track and floor, Don Drumm Stadium, the soccer field and renovations in the locker rooms for new and existing programs. It will provide our coaches with the latest technology for game-day preparations and the recruitment of new Pioneers.

At Marietta College, the Dr. J. Michael Harding Center for Health and Wellness (CHW) on campus reported a 153% increase in demand for mental health services during the 2021-2022 academic year.

Student Success Through Mental Health

Retention of Students and a Brighter Future

As Marietta College and its students cope with the trauma caused by COVID-19, our approach to education, student life and student care must shift. While efforts continue to be made across campus to increase access to group fun, success coaching and professional counseling, more funds are needed to address the growing demands of a new population of students.

Opportunities to support endeavors across campus and create systemic approaches to this national issue are already underway. While we cannot meet every student’s specific needs, we can transform the campus living and learning environment to create more resources that address individual challenges. Some current options include:

  • “Feel Good Friday” and “Self-Care Sunday” — These recurring events, piloted with support from grant-funding and hosted by the College in conjunction with student groups, provide both on- and off-campus opportunities for students to receive wellness information and engage with peers in healthy and fun ways.
  • Marietta Mindset — This is a new student club that focuses on open conversation and dialogue regarding mental health and the student community.
  • Professional trainings for students, staffs, and faculty — Webinars, speakers, and resources are made available to all members of campus and provided to our community free of charge.
  • Endowment of a Counselor — As mental health care needs continue to grow, the support of an additional full-time counselor on campus through an endowment would extend our ability to meet the needs of current and future students.

Career Center

Exploration and Navigation for 21st Century Pioneers

As Marietta College commits to facing the challenges of higher education in the 21st century by becoming a student-ready college, its strategic priorities and investments must align with a rapidly changing landscape of the workplace. This is the time for Marietta College’s Career Center to fully embrace a new student-first service model. Effective and accessible support services, such as career services, are crucial to becoming student-ready, while also providing career-readiness competencies to every student. This would further demonstrate a strong return on investment for current and prospective Pioneers.

We intend to rebrand, re-educate, and re-energize:

  • Rebrand the Career Center to reflect 21st century services, attract students, and activate alumni
  • Promote an integrated suite of student support resources, such as tutoring centers
  • Provide guided academic major exploration to incoming students before their first semester
  • Achieve 100% contact and engagement with all undergraduate students through intentional, consistent, and designated components of the first-year experience
  • Expand investment in experiential learning to increase access for all students

As Pioneers, we learn and grow from our experiences. We are bold. We reflect on the joys and hardships of the journey, and we blaze trails that others follow. We can aid students in identifying, accessing, and succeeding in these areas.

career center

Student-Athlete Experience

With 23 athletic teams and nearly 400 student-athletes Marietta College has enjoyed unprecedented progress relative to athletic facilities since 2003. Your support here will allow the College to continue to enhance the overall student-athlete experience by upgrading the Don and Sue Schaly Stadium, adding bleachers to the softball field, improving practice fields, replacing the DBRC indoor track and floor, adding new lighting at Don Drumm Stadium and the soccer field and renovating locker rooms for new and existing programs. It will also provide our coaches with the latest technology to help them in game-day preparations and in the recruiting of new Pioneers.

Academic Resource Center

A renovation and expansion of the student Academic Resource Center in Andrews Hall will provide additional space for tutoring, academic support, success skills programming, academic resources and a study commons.

Without my professors, friends, and mentors at Marietta College I would not be the educator, public servant, and person I am today. I’m thankful for the wonderful education and professional development opportunities I received as a proud Marietta College Pioneer.

Taylor Myers ’15


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