Marietta College President Bill Ruud sits at his desk

William N. Ruud

19th President
Marietta College

This is our time. We are at a very important moment in the life of Marietta College, and we are poised for this adventure. I have challenged everyone at Marietta to perform at their best, and students, faculty and staff have responded.

As a small, liberal arts college that aims to make an impact, we must be strategic in order to increase our scope and influence the lives of students seeking to thrive at Marietta College. This comprehensive campaign will expand on our accomplishments and leverage what we do to maximize our impact on the world.

It has never been clearer that this is the time to honor our past, while underpinning our core to ensure a stronger future. My vision for a more formidable and robust Marietta College is based around strengthening our academic profile through combining majors into departments that will one day become schools. Our emphasis will be on the following:

  • We will combine our business offerings with the leadership program to finalize the partnership of the Bernard P. McDonough Center for Leadership and Business and the Department of Business & Economics. This will allow us to enhance our Leadership program across campus with a balance of the for-profit and non-profit worlds. A newly integrated school creates an opportunity to grow our business program and will also positively impact our burgeoning Entrepreneurship program through the addition of a business incubator and innovation center.
  • We will empower the College’s Arts and Humanities program to function as a unit, enabling students to benefit from the formation of a school and interaction between areas including Theatre and History or Music Therapy and English.
  • We will reinforce the growing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields by coupling programs like Psychology, Biology and Petroleum Engineering under one umbrella. This allows us to create a center for health care and caring fields, while also growing our Physician Assistant Studies and Athletic Training graduate programs. Through our growth in this area, Marietta College will become a leader in providing health care and caring professionals for the region and state.

Every day I see how we deliver excellence that reflects our core values, and I am inspired by our potential to do more. Growing the endowment for scholarships will allow Marietta College to be more competitive and offer our students more financial security as they thrive as undergraduates. We have a beautiful campus and we have been fortunate to make improvements to our facilities over time.

I know you will be as excited as I am to pursue six crucial, achievable goals that focus on the growth of our annual fund, the overall quality of academic programs, support for future students, assistance for our faculty, enhancing campus pride, and the creation of an updated and state-of-the-art student center that meets the expectations of today’s students as well as those in the future.

Over the years, investments from those who care about Marietta College have been transformational, and have positioned us for our current success. We are on an inspiring trajectory, and this $100 million multi-year campaign will continue to enhance the accomplishments we enjoy today. I ask for your support in securing what we have to offer to tomorrow’s students.