Adriana Sevy ‘22 (Vincent, Ohio) knew from a young age that she wanted to attend Marietta College someday. When she finally stepped foot on campus for her first visit, she realized how truly at home she felt here. As someone who values personal relationships and connection, Sevy knew that the intimate atmosphere and close-knit campus community would be important factors in her collegiate success. “I quickly learned that the unwavering support I felt from the MC community went well beyond academics, and I have since gained some of the most impactful and encouraging mentors and friends that will last a lifetime.”

As a student at Marietta College, Sevy has taken advantage of opportunities to get involved in campus life through the McDonough Leadership Program and the Marietta College MEDLIFE chapter. The common thread: experiences that challenged her to move beyond her comfort zone. Coming to college, Sevy acknowledges that she had very few experiences outside of her small, rural town—but she entered this next stage of her life with an open mind and commitment to broadening her horizons. “I have taken opportunities to grow as a leader and experience something new, the most impactful one being the trip I took to Peru in March of 2020. During my spring break, I participated in a weeklong service-learning trip to Lima, Peru through the MEDLIFE organization and Marietta College’s MEDLIFE chapter. During this week I worked in low-income communities alongside healthcare professionals to provide medical care to underprivileged families. Not only was this my first time traveling outside of the United States, but it was also the first time I had ever witnessed such widespread poverty and deficiency of basic resources. Yet, despite having so little, the families I met and provided care to all maintained such positive attitudes and showed immense appreciation for our assistance.” This experience opened Sevy’s eyes to “the severity of the disparities many individuals face” and solidified her dream to pursue a career in medicine. Ultimately, Sevy learned that as a leader, “you cannot be afraid to go beyond your comfort zone.”

Adriana Sevy poses on the balcony in front of the Rickey Science Center

Reflecting on her time, Sevy shares, “I truly couldn’t imagine spending these past four years anywhere else, Marietta College has helped shape me into the student and person that I am today. I knew from my first day on campus that Marietta College was not only the right fit for me, but that it genuinely felt like my home away from home.”

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