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Talented faculty members choose to be at a college that offers remarkable resources and to work in an environment where they can be inspired by the energy of colleagues who dedicate their expertise to creating innovative, nationally recognized programs. Marietta must attract and retain talented teacher-scholars to more closely represent the population as a whole. This is the time for us to invest in our faculty in order to better prepare our students to have a positive impact in our community and in their careers.

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Faculty Development | $10 Million Goal
Progress $3.54 M as of July 1, 2023
Marietta College Education Faculty in the early childhood classroom

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Recruiting and retaining a gifted and diverse faculty is paramount to ensuring the student experience that we envision. This campaign will ensure that Marietta has the resources to shape the faculty and retain and attract star performers.

Visiting Professor Endowments

A fund to support visiting professors would give Marietta a competitive edge with similar colleges in the recruitment of world-renown faculty. The endowment would also support a visiting professor for a one-to three-year period to teach specialized courses and conduct guided student research.

Professional Development

A fund to support the Marietta faculty could transform teaching and learning at the College. To maintain an advantage in the classroom, we need resources to support our faculty as they seek to grow and learn in their fields by participating in conferences and professional networking.

Professorship Endowments

We invite our partners to consider endowing a faculty position in Digital Communication, Environmental Engineering, Education, Economics, History, Petroleum Engineering or in the department of their choosing.

Chairs and Professorships are the highest distinction earned by top-performing professors who also demonstrate important leadership skills and exceptional scholarship at Marietta. An endowed position creates prestige in a department, funds faculty-led research with students and provides for professional development opportunities. A minimum of $1.5 million is required for an endowed professorship and a minimum of $2 million is required for an endowed chair.

It’s one thing to think that you are being innovative and productive in the classroom, but it’s recognition on a completely different level when your Marietta College colleagues and a group of esteemed professors from peer institutions decide that you are going above and beyond in the classroom and scholarly research with students. Being awarded the McCoy Professorship has pushed me to set goals for myself such as attending conferences and symposiums related to the latest teaching techniques in my field, and then bringing those ideas back to Marietta College to use in the classroom and share with my colleagues.

DR. Suzanne Parsons McCoy Associate Professor of Chemistry


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