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The Marietta Fund makes it possible to offer an extraordinary campus experience, and you have helped us meet our goal (and exceed it) since 2011 to make these new opportunities available to thousands of students. Your annual gifts support the immediate needs of our faculty, staff and students every day. Not only does the fund assist with everyday aspects at the College, it also provides the add-ons — cultural programs, academic and student life projects and beautifying the grounds — that truly make a Marietta education special.

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Marietta Fund | $13 Million Goal
Progress $22.04 M as of July 1, 2023

We encourage everyone touched by Marietta College to make the investment in the annual giving program offered by Marietta. Big or small, make the investment as a testimony to the lasting value of a Marietta College education. The Marietta experience helped shape us to be leaders, parents, and contributing members of our community.

- Rich Arnold '70 & Lynn Bromberg Arnold '71


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