W.W. Mills Society

The W.W. Mills Society recognizes and honors donors who annually donate to the Marietta Fund to support the College's operational needs.

Membership to the Mills Society is granted each year, at the appropriate level, to donors and friends who contribute to the Marietta Fund and/or Pioneer Club during that particular fiscal year. Fiscal years encompass an annual period from July 1 to June 30. All donors who contribute to the Mills Society will be included in the yearly Honor Roll.

The President's Circle

The President's Circle recognizes and honors donors who annually donate gifts of $1,835 or more to the Marietta Fund. President's Circle Leadership gifts account for nearly 80% of the philanthropic support given to The Marietta Fund each year.

President’s Circle membership is granted on an annual basis to Marietta’s most loyal annual donors. Annual gifts make an immediate impact on the daily student experience – assisting with crucial equipment and programs to help make the Marietta experience unique. Membership also comes with special benefits such special event invitations and discounts at the college bookstore, among others.

Erwin Academy

Erwin Academy recognizes lifetime giving to Marietta College. Its name honors Cornelius B. Erwin, a man who was a long-time benefactor of the College.

As Marietta College's most prestigious gift society, the Erwin Academy, honors alumni and friends who support the College at its highest levels and make it possible for future generations to have the opportunity to learn in a campus environment that fosters academic, athletic, and civic-minded excellence. Academy members play an integral part in the College's future. Lifetime membership is granted by presidential invitation to donors and friends who contribute gifts that cumulatively total $50,000 or more.

Legacy Society

Donors can become members of the Legacy Society by documenting one of a number of planned gifts, which include bequests, charitable gift annuities, gifts of retirement plans, gifts of real estate, retained life estates, charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts.

As with all gifts that benefit Marietta College, donors may choose to remain anonymous or to be recognized publicly. Members are recognized during an annual recognition event, in College publications and in periodic mailings. All Legacy Society members receive a special memento.

The Confluence Club

This program allowing you to extend your gift into monthly installments which, when combined with other members, can add up to make a significant impact on campus for years to come!

The Club provides a simple and convenient way for alumni and friends of the College to form a steady stream of assistance to Marietta College and its students year-round.

The Sinclair Society

Consistent givers are the heart of Marietta College. Because of our most loyal donors who support year after year, we are able to move our mission forward and change the lives of our students. In recognition of this important commitment, we are pleased to honor those that consistently give by making them members of the Sinclair Society.

The Lillian Sinclair Society celebrates the college’s most dedicated donors who make consistent annual gifts. By making a gift for three or more consecutive fiscal years, donors are automatically enrolled and recognized. Annual gifts of any amount count towards membership. Sometimes giving can feel like just drops in a bucket, but when joined together, consistent gifts can and do add up to make a significant impact.

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