Hello everyone! 

This is Leah Wietrzykowski, back for my April update. The closer it gets to the end of the semester the more I like to take a step back and remember all of the fond memories I have of campus. I’ve accomplished so much here at Marietta College, and I hope to do more in the upcoming fall semester as well. I am so proud of the home I have here at Marietta college and of the campus that I live on. I hope that all of you can relate and remember all the good times you’ve had with friends here. 

For this video, I wanted to take you all to my favorite place on campus, Herman Fine Arts Center. I’ve always found it calming to sit outside and look out at the scenery while I do my homework. It’s even more relaxing when there is a breeze blowing, or when it is raining outside like it is while I am recording this video! Just as the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers”. There are already many beautiful flowers blooming across campus, and I can’t wait to see new ones appear in the coming weeks.  

One of the biggest reasons that I came to Marietta College was not only for the community but also for the small campus with lots of spots to sit down and relax. Even on days when the campus is bustling with prospective students or hosting basketball games, I can always find a spot to get away from it all. If there is any particular spot on campus that you enjoy feel free to email me about it at lew006@marietta.edu. I’d love to learn about anywhere I may have missed while busting between classes. Until then, I better get back to work preparing for finals. I’ll see you all in my next video!