From service to eSports, there is a lot to look forward to this spring!

Hello everyone! This is Leah, coming back to you for my February video. 

Things have been crazy after coming back to campus for the 2022 spring semester. I've been having fun connecting with all of my friends and teachers across campus. Although I haven’t been in my classes for very long, I’ve been enjoying everything I’ve worked on so far. For example, I have been building a resume, finding internships, and designing a new video game from scratch with my partners!  

We have received several inches of snow within the past couple of weeks, and everyone on campus has been enjoying the frosty weather. However, the snow didn’t stop us from working hard for our community. For example, many students went out to shovel snow to clear walkways for the Martin Luther King Jr Day of service. It felt good to be a part of a day where everyone comes together as a community to help those in need, and I hope to be involved in more events like this to come. 

Having the opportunity to help out the community is just one of the reasons why I love being at Marietta College. Having such a tight knit community of my professors, esports teammates, and roommates helps me to feel like I truly belong here. Speaking of love, Marietta College’s annual Day of giving will be occurring on the 14th of February.  

The Day of Giving is when alumni and all others related to Marietta College show their love and appreciation to their school. Through donating you’ll be able to contribute to the Marietta Fund which helps provide funding for all sorts of things on campus. This ranges from student aid that is used to help students in emergencies, to support for students in paying for tuition, funding athletics, and more. 

Another event that will be happening soon is the annual Founders Day here at Marietta college. From the 11th to the 18th there will be events on campus that involve paying tribute to and learning more about the founding of Marietta College. There will also be a Founder’s Day Awards ceremony, taking place on the 17th. 

I am so excited to be able to participate in the upcoming events that will be happening on campus. In fact, I will be posting a couple extra videos this month, just to try and cover a bit more of the action and make sure all of you feel engaged in the community. Make sure to keep an eye out for my next videos, I’ll see you soon!