On campus and in the community, there is always something going on.

Hi all! Thanks for checking in. Campus has been buzzing lately. One of the reasons is that CLASSES HAVE STARTED AGAIN! On January 13th, we started the Spring Semester of 2022. It has been great so far! We did, however, get some crazy weather, but the MC community made the best of it – including all the joyous activities that come with snow, sledding, snowball fights, and lasting memories. At the same time, the Marietta College community was fully engaged during MLK Day - whether it was shoveling snow around town, crafting art, writing letters to those in assisted living, or dozens of other volunteering opportunities, MC students stepped up despite the weather. This is, after all, why I love MC: as both a student and employee, I can honestly say that Marietta College is a genuinely caring place. On campus and in the community, there is always something going on to participate in or support. It’s an active environment. Most importantly, however, I simply love to learn. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the relaxation that come with the breaks, but I am always eager to get back into the classroom, and that says something about the environment here at MC.

Speaking of active experiences, I want to talk about exciting new opportunities in experiential learning. Although this might not be familiar to you, I think we all have engaged in it at some point in our college careers. Experiential learning is being an active participant in your own education. Hands-on experience if you will. This means practical experiences in and out of the classroom to better prepare you for life after college by engaging in real world applied learning. This includes International Experience by studying abroad, Internships, Service Learning and Leadership Development. Sounds fun, right? Recently I spoke with my advisor and history professor, Dr. Brandon Downing, about his plans to conduct pedagogical workshops on this very topic. He aims to expand the experiential learning opportunities in and out of the classroom for MC students. I am excited and inspired by what the future holds here in terms of my own education and my fellow students. During convocation, President Ruud also spoke about experiential learning and he too is working on ways to make Marietta College the premier experience for hands-on learning. I trust that Marietta College is heading in the right direction for future generations by adding new majors, courses and further expanding upon just what MC can offer current and prospective students.

Therefore, although Marietta College has a bright future, we still need the support of the community, alumni, and donors. The Marietta College Day of Giving is on February 14 – right around the corner! What better time to be involved than right now? This year is set to be the biggest celebration yet with a two-day event starting at noon on Monday, February 14 until 6:35 p.m. EST on Tuesday, February 15. Thank you. We hope to hear from you!